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Our Story

An inspiration from the heart, Kapaas started with the belief that design is a form of expression. In our case, an expression of comfort, purity, and kindness that we try to reflect in our clothes. 

Kapaas was made to establish the link between the past and the present. Co-founded by Mother Daughter, Beena Bhatia, and Arushi Bhatia, where decades of separate ideology fit together beautifully due to the inevitable bond shared between the two. Bridging generational gaps by creating timeless pieces for your wardrobe. 

We focus on creating designs that help to grow towards designing more rooted, sustainable products. Everlasting designs that would effortlessly transit from season to season and occasion to occasion. Breaking the stigma of not following trends, we launch only 2 to 3 collections in a year to encourage seasonless and classic designs that remain with you for a long long time. 

The art we like to think we create through our clothing needs an audience, if not so then the art is incomplete. This creative art is an amalgamation of many creative people: weavers, dyers, tailors, designers, and our clients without whom the art will never be understood. And the immense satisfaction we receive when our designs come alive and are understood the way they were meant to be is what Kapaas is all about.