Inspiration from the heart, Kapaas is homegrown and handcrafted clothing specializing in only the purest variants of cotton. Started with the belief that design is a form of expression. In our case, an expression of purity, kindness, and calmness that we try to reflect on in our clothes. Kapaas is focused on creating designs that help to grow towards designing more rooted, ethical & sustainable products. 

This spirit takes shape in soulful clothing that expresses the aura of an individual. With this unique mindset of bridging comfort and style with minimalistic aesthetics, we focus on curating a contemporary clothing line with a traditional touch from the varieties of cotton from around the country that provides you with the ultimate comfort.

Keeping in mind our aim to promote and preserve traditional handicrafts, designs, and textiles, we closely work with our master weavers, dyers, craftsmen, and tailors to create our designs. 

We celebrate fabric from its inception in the yarn at the end of the process in the tangible product. All of our products are handmade with love, using natural materials and traditional methods. This means that each item is unique and has its own story. Although we have a wide range of colors available, you can always expect slight variations in color, texture, and finish. We believe that these variations add character and life to each piece and are an inherent quality of working with natural materials.